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Growing up as a singer, actress, dancer, and fiddler, I quickly learned that my passion is connecting with people. Utilizing that passion, I secured my first formal job within the radio industry through my local station at age 16. It was there that I turned a junior position into an on-air personality role, where I learned to operate the sound boards, host remotes, record and cut commercials, and develop daily on-air discussion topics that would engage our audience.

Shortly thereafter, I sped my way through college–graduating two years early with two degrees. My first job out of college landed me in Washington, D.C. First serving as a video reporter for The Daily Caller, I later served as the youngest female member of the White House Correspondents Association. It is through my work there, that I have had numerous opportunities to appear on Fox Business to discuss pop culture. 

Maranda is a social media marketing strategist with more than seven years of experience working for notable brands and social media influencers. Getting her start as a radio host for Forcht Broadcasting in Kentucky, Maranda has conducted dozens of interviews for industry leading digital media outlets–such as The Daily Caller–and has made numerous guest appearances on Fox Business to discuss pop culture and other trending topics. With hundreds of hours conducting and producing video interviews, her favorites would include names such as Mark Cuban and WWE's 'Kane'. At age 21, Maranda became one of the youngest female members of the White House Correspondents Association (W.H.C.A). Her latest work involves planning and initiating effective social media marketing strategies used to target audiences and develop brand presence for popular TikTokers, singers, and media giants with millions of fans.

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